Spanish Grand Prix

We had an absolutely brilliant time in Barcelona! The taxi took us to for the pit walk on Thursday afternoon. It was extremely busy there and a bit of a crush. You couldn't see too much in the teams garages as it was too crowded and you just got shunted along but it was great to be there and to be able to see what we did see. The atmosphere was good.


The Friday, Saturday and Sunday were excellent days. We loved every minute of being there. The weather was hot and stayed sunny the whole time. We couldn't have been given better seats. It was right on turn 1 that Lewis over took Vettel! We saw a couple of 'coming together's' at the start of the race too where Verstappen and Raikkonen went out of the race. We are big fans of Hamilton so we were very happy with the race result!


It was good to meet Nik. He did a great job escorting us on the coach and we enjoyed chatting to him very much.


It was lovely to catch up with Debbie too at the circuit. We have nothing but praise for Grandstand Motor Sports. We love how everything is taken care of for the organising of the whole package and to have a rep on hand throughout the day is quite comforting.


Gez and I are already thinking about doing Monza next year. I am sure we can persuade David and Lisa to join us again!

Michaela Drew
Spanish Grand Prix 2017